hor-1A lot of effort and love has been put into the church choir from the very beginning of our church’s existence. The choir has over the years continued to foster Serbian liturgical and folk music. Its success depended largely upon the availability of a church-going conductor, which was not always the case. The members did the best they could under the circumstances and for many years they sang the responses from the “pevnica.” The first conductor was Mr. Dusan Obradovic, followed by Mrs.Radojka Radakovic. At one time a Russian music teacher was the conductor.
Today, the choir has 20 members, the president is Mr. Goran Jamina and the conductor is a young talented and dedicated musician soloist Miss Sofija Lozo. The choir has re-dedicated itself to an enlargement of the liturgical content of its repertory.
To honour the 50th Anniversary of St. Demetrius Church, the choir has decided to celebrate its own Slava on the day of the Feast of All Serbian Saints. May it continue to sing na mnogaja ljeta!