kss1Inspired by the noble mission nurtured by the Circles in Serbia, the ladies in our church formed their own “Circle of Serbian Sisters” following the unfortunate split within the Serbian Orthodox Church in 1963, which left over a hundred Serbian families without a place of worship.  The founding meeting took place in the Russian Church Hall on Druillard Street on September 25, 1964 and the Circle was named “Jugovic’s Mother.” The first president was Mrs. Stana Golocevac. It was decided that Circle’s Slava would be dedicated to St. Angelina of Serbia. The Circle included Sunday School and the Folk group for two years.
During those difficult years the Circle rented the space in Russian Hall paying for it from their own pockets. This problem was solved with the acquisition of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Seminole Street. The Circle held numerous activities for the church’s purchase. They have continued their benevolent activities (including sending the funds for St. Sava Cathedral in Belgrade) to this day, too numerable to list. But, God knows!
Simply put: The existence of St. Demetrius Church in Windsor, Ontario is UNTHINKABLE without its “Circle of  Serbian Sisters.” May you live and be remembered
Na Mnogaja Ljeta!